Luxlab's extensive experience in the lighting and design fields stretches back as far as "thirty five" years.

Our experience touches upon every imaginable project, from small residential apartments and residential towers to galleries and showrooms; from factories to hospitals; from indoor to street lighting; and everything else in between.

Lighting is not just about aesthetics, lighting is first and foremost a science. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance, and our adherence to established lighting standards. Practical tests and mock-ups are an integral part of the lighting design process and are carried out where deemed necessary to convey the eventual effect of the design proposal. We use the best project visualization and lighting simulation systems available to ensure millimetric precision in the translation process of conceptual lighting design to on site execution. 

Our aim is to provide nothing short of the best lighting solutions for each and every one of our projects. Our team of experienced architects, engineers, and lighting designers prides itself on its ability to think critically and through a long process of elimination find the optimal set of solutions complimenting each other to give each project a bespoke lighting solution not just conceptually, but effectively too.